Postnatal Soft Tissue Therapy


The human body is capable of amazing things, but sometimes it needs a little help in keeping things balanced and working in the best way it can for you.   


For 40 weeks (give or take), you've been growing a little person and your body and emotions have had to adjust and make room for this.  


Once the baby is here, the situation changes again for our bodies and we spend our days focusing on meeting the needs of the baby/ies – feeding, soothing, rocking, carrying (it’s not unusual to favour a particular side), changing, being a pillow / bed, bending, lifting, pushing a pram… the list goes on. My experience of this, like many women, was that I felt like my shoulders were becoming more and more rounded forward and my ribs were getting closer to my pelvis. Soft tissue therapy can really help with opening up those muscles that can become shortened and tight and relaxing those muscles that have been overstretched through ‘being a mum’ activities. 


As with the pregnancy massage I offer, the postnatal massage is similar in that the aim of the treatments I give is to provide a problem solving / results based treatment. I have completed specific training in understanding and treating the soft tissue implications of birthing via C-section (scar adhesion) and how soft tissue therapies can assist a woman healing diastasis recti. 

If you would like to discuss whether postnatal soft tissue therapy is appropriate for you before booking an appointment, please email me to arrange a free telephone discussion.

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