Soft Tissue Therapy

You don't need to be an athlete to have and enjoy a sports massage; you don't need to do any sport.  Soft tissue therapy / sports and remedial massage is a form of deep tissue massage using a combination of techniques to relieve pain and tension that has built up in the body through the activities you do such as work, leisure activities and sport.  


The remedial aspect explores why someone experiences pain where they do.  It looks at the body as a whole to ensure that the cause/s as well as any symptom/s are treated.  This means that at the initial appointment, and at any follow up appointments posture, joint mobility and movement patterns may form part of the ongoing assessment.

The benefits of soft tissue therapy can include

- releasing muscle tension and stiffness

- relieving aches and pains gained through a modern lifestyle

- increase joint range of motion

- helping with postural discomfort

- increasing wellbeing

- reducing stress and anxiety

If you would like to discuss whether soft tissue therapy is appropriate for you before booking an appointment, please email me to arrange a free telephone discussion.

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