Pregnancy Soft Tissue Therapy*

(Available from the start of the 2nd trimester)

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As a specialist pregnancy soft tissue therapist, I have undertaken extra training to provide a safe, comfortable and effective massage during your pregnancy.

Pregnancy for some women is a wonderful experience that they sail through with no issues.  For other women (and I include myself in this), although thrilled to be growing a little person, this process can really take its toll on the body.

During pregnancy, there are many changes that take place in the body. Pregnancy can put a lot of pressure on our body including our weight bearing joints, postural muscles and neck, causing pain and discomfort. Some muscles are left feeling tight and stretched and others stop working as they should be. In addition, as our bodies change, things that we found ‘normal’ and ‘comfortable’ can become more challenging, like getting a good and comfortable night’s sleep!  Something as simple as a change in sleeping positions, or not being able to find one that suits you and your growing bump, can leave you feeling uncomfortable throughout the day. Sometimes as pregnancy progresses our ‘normal’ work environment can be more of a challenge for our bodies and leave us feeling achy.


Coming from a soft tissue therapy / sports massage background, the pregnancy massage I offer is potentially different to other pregnancy massages. Whereas some pregnancy massages focus on a completely relaxing experience, some women find this type of massage does not relieve the muscular discomfort they experience during their pregnancy. I have chosen to specialise in, and offer, pregnancy massage sessions that are not only nurturing but also a problem solving / results based therapy session. The benefits of soft tissue therapy in pregnancy are the same as those as general soft tissue therapy sessions; it can help relieve headaches, back pain, pelvic pain, piriformis syndrome / sciatica.

Having trained in both pregnancy massage and kinesiology taping, if appropriate, I am able to use kinesiology tape to help support uncomfortable areas and your growing bump. I used this to great effect when I was pregnant myself, massaging up until 10 days before my due date.

​*Please bear in mind that there are a few conditions that mean that massage in pregnancy may not be appropriate.  If you are a high risk pregnancy, and/or have any medical/pregnancy complications, please discuss whether massage would be appropriate with your doctor or midwife prior to booking an appointment. 

If you would like to discuss whether pregnancy soft tissue therapy is appropriate for you before booking an appointment, please email me to arrange a free telephone discussion.

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