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Soft Tissue Therapy


You don't need to be an athlete to have and enjoy a sports massage; you don't need to do any sport.  Soft tissue therapy / sports and remedial massage is a form of deep tissue massage using a combination of techniques to relieve pain and tension that has built up in the body through the activities you do such as work, leisure activities and sport.  


The remedial aspect explores why someone experiences pain where they do.  It looks at the body as a whole to ensure that the cause/s as well as any symptom/s are treated.  This means that at the initial appointment, and at any follow up appointments posture, joint mobility and movement patterns may form part of the ongoing assessment.

The benefits of soft tissue therapy can include

- releasing muscle tension and stiffness

- relieving aches and pains gained through a modern lifestyle

- increase joint range of motion

- helping with postural discomfort

- increasing wellbeing

- reducing stress and anxiety

Pregnancy Soft Tissue Therapy*

(Available from the start of the 2nd trimester)


During pregnancy and being a Mum means there are many changes that take place in the body; it can put a lot of pressure on your body including your weight bearing joints, postural muscles and neck causing pain and discomfort; some muscles are left feeling tight and stretched and others stop working as they should be.  In addition as our bodies change, things that we found ‘normal’ and ‘comfortable’ become more challenging, like getting a good and comfortable night’s sleep!  Something as simple as a change in sleeping positions or not being able to find one that suits you and your growing bump can leave you feeling uncomfortable throughout the day.  Sometimes as pregnancy progresses our ‘normal’ work environment can be more of a challenge for our bodies and leave us feeling achy. Coming from a soft tissue therapy / sports massage background, the pregnancy massage I offer is potentially different to other pregnancy massages.  Whereas some pregnancy massages focus on a completely relaxing experience, some women find this type of massage does not relieve the muscular discomfort they experience during their pregnancy.  I have chosen to specialise in and offer pregnancy massage sessions that are not only nurturing but also a problem solving / results based therapy session.  The benefits of soft tissue therapy in pregnancy are the same as those as general soft tissue therapy sessions; it can help relieve headaches, back pain, pelvic pain, piriformis syndrome / sciatica.

*Please bear in mind that there are a few conditions that mean that massage in pregnancy may not be appropriate.  If you are a high risk pregnancy, and/or have any medical/pregnancy complications, please discuss whether massage would be appropriate with your Doctor or Midwife prior to booking an appointment.

Postnatal Soft Tissue Therapy

Once the baby is here, the situation changes again for our bodies and we spend our days focusing on meeting the needs of the baby/ies – feeding, soothing, rocking, carrying (it’s not unusual to favour a particular side), changing, being a pillow / bed, bending, lifting, pushing a pram…. the list goes on.  My experience of this as like many women, was that I felt like my shoulders were becoming more and more rounded forward and my ribs were getting closer to my pelvis.  Soft tissue therapy can really help with opening up those muscles that can become shortened and tight and relaxing those muscles that have been overstretched through the ‘being a mum’ activities.  The human body is capable of amazing things, but sometimes it needs a little help in keeping things balanced and working in the best way it can for you.   As with the pregnancy massage I offer, the postnatal massage is similar in that the aim of the treatments I give is to provide a problem solving /results based treatment.  I have completed specific training in understanding and treating the soft tissue implications of birthing via C-Section (scar adhesion) and how soft tissue therapies can assist a woman healing Diastasis Recti.   

Scar Immersion

Scar immersion / scar tissue massage is for women that have experienced c-section birth, a hysterectomy or abdominal surgery.  Scar immersion encourages mobility between the layers of skin and the muscle and fascia.   This type of treatment can help to improve mobility while loosening and releasing tight scar tissue. This often results in an improved range of motion; can help restore core function and a reduction in discomfort.  This type of massage suits those who have recently given birth and are in the 4th trimester as well as those whose surgery was long ago – the benefits of scar immersion are not time bound and can be experienced regardless of how old the scar is.

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