Welcome to rb massage, an independent private soft tissue therapy practice in Hook, Hampshire. 

rb massage specialises in sports massage, remedial massage, pregnancy massage, postnatal massage and c-section, hysterectomy and abdominal scar immersion. 

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Soft Tissue TherapySports and Remedial Massage Therapy

sports massage hampshire

Are you

  • new to training or training lots (maybe for an event) and experiencing 'tired' muscles?

  • experiencing neck, shoulder or back discomfort from how you sit at work?

Soft Tissue therapy can help relieve muscular discomfort caused by a range of issues  - get in touch to find out how it could help you.

pregnancy massage fleet

Are you

  •  experiencing new aches and pains as your body changes through pregnancy?

  • experiencing discomfort doing things that used be comfortable to do?

  • finding it difficult to get in a comfortable position when sitting or sleeping?

Do you 

  • have an aching back or shoulders from feeding, lifting and carrying all day?

  • struggle to get comfortable as your body recovers from your pregnancy?

  • want some help to help your body physically recover?

  • want some time to focus on your body and it's amazing achievement?

post natal massage fleet

Do you 

  • feel you are being physically restricted by your scar?

  • suffer with lower back pain?

  • experience numbness on or around the scar?

  • want to improve the appearance of your tummy and scar?

  • want to improve your core functioning?

  • feel that your abdomen doesn't feel quite right?

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Helene, Fleet

I do a lot of exercise! And I'm pretty sure that without Rachel's excellent, regular sports massages I'd be unable to keep up the intensity and frequency that my training schedule demands. She has specific, up to date knowledge and uses effective techniques to get to the heart of any problems, but also to help maintain injury free training. I'm sure I wouldn't have managed Ironman and marathon training as smoothly without seeing Rachel regularly.